Back-to-School Countdown Day 4: Prepare For School Paperwork

Back-to-School Paperwork.

Back-to-school on the horizon? Here comes the paperwork!

Today in the Organized Home Back-to-School Countdown, we're preparing for the paper flood ahead.

Each school day, children's backpacks grow paperwork like leaves on trees. Permission slips and lunch menus. Sports rosters and progress reports.

Keep them organized by setting up a simple filing system to track and hold school paperwork.

Whether you add folders to a household Action File, or designate a stand-alone file box for school-day use, make a plan for paperwork today.

Your filing system can be as simple as one file folder per child, or can break down paperwork into multiple categories like "Homework Assignments", "Soccer", or "Lunch Menus".

Either way, giving paperwork an organized home means you'll never have to play "hunt the permission slip" on busy mornings!

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